To give information
To communicate the soul
..At Tateishi kobisha we are the business that gives information

To think of our customer's success leads to our prosperity

Company Summary
Corporate name
Tateishi Kobisha Co., LTD.
CEO & President
Katsuaki Tateishi
-Director of Fukuyama branch of Corporate Executives of Small and Medium-scale Enterprises
114 Kanan-cho, Fuchu-city, Hiroshima, Japan
July 1977 Founded: July 1986
Capital stock
Employees 19 people
Business Operation
Outdoor and indoor signs, Commercial tower advertising, Neon, Ink jet prints, Tents, Customized plastic signs, Complete designing, CI VI operations, Computerized printing & cutting system, In-house design & construction for all signs, Decorative art advertising, Originally developed LED display system

Approval No.17879 by Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture; 
Authorized Skilled specialist for art and advertisement by Governor of Osaka Prefecture

Tateishi Kobisha Co., Ltd.
233 Shinone-cho, Fuchu-city,
Hiroshima, 726-0027 Japan


we offer a LED display system customized to your needs for a reasonable price.
Outdoor and indoor signs. Commercial tower advertising. Neon. Ink jet prints.
Tents. Customized plastic signs. Complete designing. CI VI operations. Sticker.
Computerized printing & cutting system. In-house design & construction for all signs. Decorative art advertising.
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